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13 4E or wider

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Alright guys, I've been keeping up with the website for a few months. Then finally registered the other day and have nearly wore out the search button trying to find some answers.

I wear a 13 4E in all of my shoes. I've found plenty of post about 2E & 3E but I need to know about this specific size or wider and what you are wearing are far as the clipless shoes.

So far my best find is the Lake MX170 wide. It is a 2E but has a wide boxed front which is different than the mx165, mx101, and mx90. At least thats what the lady from Lake described to me on the phone.

I work offshore and go home on Wednesday for 7 days. I'm hoping to find a shoe by lunch or so and have it next day air'ed to the house. That away I'll be able to ride this week on them.

Thanks guys,

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4e?... freak of nature...

;-)... make sure you get them with someone who has a good return policy... a bad fitting bike shoe hurts... but a good shoe is awesome :)

good to see you over here man... hope we get a chance to ride again one of these days
I'll probably be out riding all week and might ride up to Swayback on Friday with the other porc'ers.
my feet aren't as long as yours, only about a 10-11 depending on the shoe, but they are a 4e width. I heard about lake mx 165 wide shoes from another member and decided to look them up. I also lucked out and found a pair at a local shop, size 44 which is perfect for me, and they fit better than I thought any cycling shoes would. if you can find them I highly suggest trying them, and at $120 they're not too expensive either. sidi also makes wide shoes, called mega sizes, but they're much more expensive than I could see myself paying. check out the lakes and see what you think.
Gaffed, how did the Lakes turn out for you?

I am in the same boat, basically have a flipper for a foot (4E's are snug, if you can believe that) and the prospects do not look good for getting my size unless I go custom
Sporting the silver mx165's. They work fine. I had one of the more experienced local guys tell me he would go with something a little more stiffer but for the price it wasn't a bad deal. I don't have a problem with them at all but i've never wore any of the highend sidi's.

My overall thoughts: great budget shoe, fitment is good both length & width wise, and price isn't bad.
thanks for the info, I wear a 14 4E looks like they have a size 50 that may work, may I ask what size you ended up getting in their sizing?

one thing I have found is if I take the padded insert thing out I can sometimes get a 2e to fit, what I am using now are NB trail running shoes in 14 2e (non clipless) but im looking for shoes for this winter for my touring bike
I got a pair of wide 48's. They are slightly long for me but not uncomfortable. I normally wear a 13 4E but just bought a pair of 12 4E NB walking shoes. They are a little tight but feel good. It makes me wonder how a 47 wide cycling shoe would work. I think a 47.5 wide would be perfect for me. Good luck with your purchase!
advice from Lake Customer Service

I had emailed Lake Customer Services, as I wear a 13 4E also. Here is their response -

... the MX170 has been the only one in the line that has given the possibility of fitting people's feet which are as large as yours. I would caution you against any of the shoes in our "All MTB" line as they will be of a lower volume than any of the shoes in our "Race" line. Failing that, due to the size of your feet, your only option to fit shoes that will work for you may be in a full custom build.

Custom =
(a little out of my range)
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