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Looking for a good option on a ready built wheel with a 12mm rear hub. I run a maxle rear and was interested in the halo SAS wheels but they don’t seem to do a stock 12mm rear.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

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DT's prebuilt freeride wheels, the FR 2350, come with a 12mm thru-axle (plus, they're red, might match your bike well ;)). They're built with 6.1d rims (these used to have problems being too soft in the first production run, but that's been solved now).

You can also get some Hope Hoops, they're built around DT 5.1d rims and a Pro2 hub, so that can be converted to 12mm if it isn't already.

Or consider a CRC built set with Mavic EX729 rims. I've got these on my dirt-jumper, and they are f'ing strong (and Mavic's widest with 29mm inner width).

In any case I'd recommend you get wheels with rims that are welded instead of pinned. The latter will eventually always come loose.
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