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I was just checking in to see if anybody knows if there is still a 12 hours of big bear anymore? I did it about 11 years ago and it was the most fun i have ever had at a "paid" bike event and i wold like to add it to my summer calender if it is still around.

Also what is left of the old sagebrush course? I left SoCal about 8 years ago for phoenix, about 2 years ago i stopped in to ride it on my way to visit SD and it was not the same place i remembered loving before. After the ranger gave me a ticket for not having a forest adventure pass (That are available as far east as Alpine :skep: ) she told be the race was long since gone and the course was bulldozed to accommodate side by side ATV's :skep: . When i rode it it was exactly that, but she forgot to mention that there was a ton more sand, bigger puddles, deeper ruts, and very little singletrack :mad: . Now i understand that they race there again? Has it gotten more bike friendly since i last rode it or is it ruined forever? Just wondering if i should waste my time and money to go give it a shot again. Back in the day it was my favorite race in the bud light series.

Thanks for your help
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There is no longer a 12 Hours of Big Bear. I do believe there is a Big Bear in Kentucky that has a 24 hour race! Locally though, there's the 24 hours of Adrenaline at Hurkey Creek and they also have a 4 and 8 hour race. The place to go for a 12 hour race is the 12 Hours of Temecula Series - They have a January and November race in Temecula, then a summer race in a different location. Last year they held it at Rim Nordic.

The Sagebrush race was brought back last year and I had never done it before that so I have nothing to compare it to. I will say it was one of the funnest courses I raced all of last season.
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