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12 MM Bolts for Rear thru axel

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Does anyone know where / if I can get bolts for a 12 mm rear thru axel, I am looking for ones that are similiar to the Azonic Outlaw bolts where the nut swivels on the spacer. Currently I have an axel that fits my Azonic slopestyle, but it just has standard bolts and I done have the spacer/reducers that go with the frame.

I was looking at these

but they only seem to come in 10mm. Any ideas?
Thanks Ahead of time! :thumbsup:
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azonic perhaps? not sure if yers is 12x150 or not
yeah, the Azonic bolts would be perfect, but I already have an axle just need the bolt :madman:
edit: misread the original post so my original 'answer' is now poo poo
wow! i just saw the price so i see whay ya dont wanna order the whole damn thing. id suggest a call to azonic. most of these bike guys are happy to help with small parts if they can. the type yer lookin for will be tough to find elsewhere. maybe at fastenal or another high end industrial h/ware place but they tend to want to sell ya a bag, not pairs, unless ya find a super cool guy and a open bag.
Good luck finding something off the shelf. Look for Keps Nuts, Captive Washer Nuts, Conical Washer Nuts, etc... The only thing I found close is from McMaster Carr but it's plain zinc coated. You can always just use a plain 'ol washer and nut. Do not use flanged nuts or serrated washers.
QBP has the nuts your looking for. They are called track nuts so any shop who uses Quality Bicycle Products can order the..
call azonic up and ask for the bolts only they might have stuff laying around
Vaughn is right...go to any LBS that sells road/track/fixies and they'll have them.
track nuts are 10mm or 3/8.
bmx are 3/8 or 14mm.
ikarus189 said:
Vaughn is right...go to any LBS that sells road/track/fixies and they'll have them.
Thanks! theres a fixie shop right down the street! Ill check that out :D
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