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12 hrs of Santos

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I'm doing this race. Would you guys in the area recommend a Hotel/Motel near the venue?
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There are plenty of hotels in Ocala off of 200 or highway 40. Stay at one of the ones close to the interstate, and avoid the roach motels nearest to the trails.
Hotel would be a brilliant idea... Last year temps went down to the low 30's... I felt really bad for those who camped out. I wouldnt take the chance!
So is there camping available? How does it work at this venue? First come first served basis? Is it onsite? Is there a fee?

Thanks! should have all the info you need :) There is camping onsite but fee's and stuff I dont know.

Don't know if there is primitive camping though.
Santos Campground Fees & Regulations]

Camping at Santos is great! It is not first come first serve basis though, you would have to make reservations, especially for an event such as this one. There is also Arrowhead Campsites & Oak Tree Village Campground off of I-75 which have camping cabins if rustic camping without a tent is your pleasure. I rather do that then stay in a motel, and yes, they are heated. Good luck to all with your 12 hour event. I will there the week following this 12 hour race.
Here is more info on the 12 Hrs of Santos Race: hours of Santos/info.pdf

Says primitive camping will be allowed on site, which I think will be around the Vortex Trail area. We plan to camp there friday night.

My guess is the Santos Trail head Camp sites are arlready full and spoken for by now.
Not sure if it is or not presently, but usually the campground is booked for these events way ahead of the event itself. Especially so for the 12 Hours at Santos and the FTF. Not sure if they have the overflow still closed off for camping though, but they usually do have primitive camping open in the Vortex during these events.
semi off topic but is night riding allowed at santos"?
Oh yeah! We night ride every time we camp for a few days at the Santos campground. Not sure if they do in the Vortex or any of the red trails though. We just ride the yellows and blues, but have been tempted to ride the reds. Just watch those damn orb spiders while riding at night, but especially early morning hours.
luckynumber9 said:
semi off topic but is night riding allowed at santos"?
Yes, in fact there are 2 weekly group night rides that I frequent. One leaves the Santos Bike Shop at 6 pm every Tuesday; this is typically a bridge ride ~22 mi @ 12.5+ mph. The other is with a few of the OMBA guys and leaves from the main trailhead (normally) at 5 pm every Wednesday, this one ranges from bridge rides to linking all the reds and blues together. The reds are a blast in the dark! Come join us sometime.
Primitive camping right on the trail is FUN. we had a blast the last two years, even though last year it was freezin!

Photos and Videos from last years 12 hours of Santos Vortex. here >>

I'm pre-regestered for next month 12 hours solo sport men!
I was under the impression that the park closed at night. Is that just the park, or the trails too?
Jim311 said:
I was under the impression that the park closed at night. Is that just the park, or the trails too?
Not sure as per legal means, but many riders do night rides on the trails. I have only stayed in the Santos Section at night, but have not done the Red Trails at night yet. Night is actually a lot more fun to ride to me, and is much cooler than during the days, especially during the oven roasting summer months.
Anyone know how many people are actually registered for this? The registration site says there are only 7 people registered. I find that kind of hard to believe.
Santos isn't legally open for night riding, but no one seems to care. I've done it. It makes the reds a lot more interesting.
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