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12 Hours of Dauset Question

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I rode in my first 4 person team 12 hour race this year (12 hours of Tsali) and loved it. It was actually the first MTB race anyone on the team have ever done. Had lots of fun and learned what I needed to work on. We've been looking for another fall 12 hour race to see if we can better our efforts. The only 12 hour fall race here in WNC sounds like it isn't going to happen this year (Night Train). My teammates and myself have been looking at the 12 Hours of Dauset race. None of us have ever ridden there. Has anyone raced the Tsali race and the Dauset that can give me a comparison between the two races?
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Dauset and Tsali are comparable in terms of the type of trail elevation, difficulty, etc. If you liked Tsali, you'll enjoy Dauset as well. Good atmosphere too. Just watch out for the guy with handlebar streamers ;)
I'd say Tsali has much more elevation change than Dauset as Dauset can be riden for minutes at a time in the big ring.
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