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12-36 cassette question

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Is anyone using the new SLX 12-36T cassette with a normal SRAM X series derailluer? For reference, I run 1x9 and I'm using a short cage X0 with a single 30T front sprocket. I'm currently using 11-34 just fine but would like to go up a bit if possible for a little more climbing ability since it's a 29er:thumbsup: I understand all the data says it SHOULD work but I'm curious if anyone has actually DONE it??? The 34T big gear in the rear looks like it's just about as big as the X0 will handle smoothly and I don't want to drop the cash for the 36T if it won't shift smoothly:idea:
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Doesn't SRAM print the capacities for their derailleurs? For a 12-36 cassette and one ring you just need a mech with 24t capacity right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I like where you are headed with this. :)
You might need a longer B tension screw to get enough clearance to the 36T cog.

You may also find that your freehub explodes with the extra torque that the 36T cog applies. Shimano recommends the steel freehub body from the Deore hub for that cassette.


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Uh oh! Explosions are bad!!! I'm not in need of it bad right now, it's more of a "when my current cassette wears out" upgrade. My 34T is just fine but when I have to replace, might as well upgrade;)

The SRAM tech manual, , says it can only handle a 34T but some of you guys are just nutty enough to try it anyway and I was curious if anyone got it to work...
I've got ~ 50 hrs on a 12-36 cassette running 1x9 with an X9 derailleur -- no problems so far.
If I'm not exploding a freehub turning a 20/34 I'm not going to do it with a 22/36.
Nice;) Thanks Corvette! That's EXACTLY what I wanted to know...
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