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12/29 afternoon rides?

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I've got the whole day free and was looking to get in at least 10 - 20 miles somewhere. Anyone doing any rides this afternoon? I live in the east valley closest to south mountain, but am down to try some new trails too. Keep me posted !
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Hit the White Tanks today! 12.84mi and not too many people there ~3:00 to 5:00. Whats on deck for the 1st? Brian
Hope you made it out to SoMo. There was a whole mess of folks out there on bikes in the afternoon and the sunset was spectacular!


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Anyone going out again today? Looking to get some more miles in today. Keep me posted

If there are no shuttles, I might be interested in doing a ride on National at around 2 or so. Let me know.
Yah that could be fun, I have only ridden down from Buena vista one time, where were you thinking of starting?
Start from Pima Canyon TH, head up to Buena Vista, and come back down.
Sounds good, I'll keep my eye on the thread if you change your mind, but I'll be out there at 2 otherwise.
I'll be there. I have a gold titus. I'll be at the North Ramada closest to the fire road.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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