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Hi Everyone

After myself and a group of riders spent a bunch of
time playing at the Pass we figured out a way to make
an even better course we think.

New Course has about 14 miles, twice as much single
track, less dust.

I will be marked after the DH/Super D this weekend and
I hope to have someone map it out soon with a GPS to
post the course.

The course will now start and finish at the main
lodge, so you can camp all over the parking lot and
the bathrooms and food will be right there.

Aug 5 12 Hour 8am-8pm
Aug 5-6 24 Hour 10am-10am

Must sign up by July 20 to custom plate with your name
and team name on it.

Nearly 70 classes bewteen the 12 and 24 Hour, solo, 2
and 4 persons teams...It is going to be a great
race...roadies, cross, tri, whom are all
welcome....these kind of races have a great fun feel
to them if you haven't ever been to one, check it out

Please contact me with any questions
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