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11spd GX to Eagle Cage Swap?

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I have an 11spd GX shifter & looking to run an 11spd 11-48t cassette. I take I can just swap in a GX or better yet a XX1 cage to give it the ability to run a cassette bigger than 44t. I'd rather keep it all SRAM rather than go the Garbaruk route. I know I've seen people do this with RIval RD so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Has anyone done this? How do you like it?
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I think that should work as the Garbaruk solution works the same way.
You can also just buy an Eagle derailleur and keep your 11 speed shifter.
I had a Sunrace 11 speed drivetrain with the 11-50 cassette that I used with a GX 11 speed shifter and a GX Eagle derailleur.
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That's a good idea, but it's cheaper(saw some lightly used ones for $34 online) to get the GX cage than to go NX or GX Eagle variants. I want to keep the price low on this build.
Just to be sure, will this work or do I need the outer-cage too if I have a 11spd GX. SRAM GX Eagle Rear Derailleur Inner Cage with X-Sync Pulleys
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