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11 years out of the game...

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Hello all!

I've been kicking around the idea of getting back into biking for a while now. I used to have a Haro bmx that i rode street, flatland, and a dirt track and did so to great extent until I turned 16 and started driving. Being in a different place now than I was then, mountain biking and trail riding interest me more, and I've decided to go single speed 29er as my reentry vehicle to 2 wheeled (pedaling, I do ride a motorcycle too) bliss.

I think Ive decidied upon the Windsor Cliff 29.1 for starters, and if I keep at it, I can move on to nicer rides from there. I just would like some feedback on this bike, like can I ride hard and be ok for a year or so, or is there something else I can look into that would be a better starter bike in that price range?

My vitals are 28 years old, 6', 175 pounds, very athletic build (former USMC, and 11 year MMA trainee) Also if anyone knows some good trails in the eastern pa area, I'd be interested to know!

Thanks all!
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