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Picked up this rig a bit more than a month ago and have been overall very pleased. After making some personal changes (tires, tubeless, wide bars, short stem, dropper post), this has easily been the best 29er I've owned.

You get a lot of bike for the money. Weak link, though, as many have discovered, is the stock wheelset (this is the comp level, which I prefer as I didn't want the brain). In about five weeks of ownership, I'd blown two rear freehubs and had to spoke-check after every ride to keep the noodle factor down.

For reference, I'm about 205 in gear and ride technical Arizona gnar.

My LBS (South Mountain Cycles) really stepped up for me. Went to Specialized, who upgraded me to a Roval Traverse wheelset at no charge. Just wanted to throw this out for those suffering with a bum wheelset.

Only one ride so far (down National in Phoenix), but the Roval wheels are far superior to the stock wheelset. Could stand to convert the rear to a bolt-on, but otherwise, quite pleased with the wheels and, more important, the customer service.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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