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Drivetrain is getting worn and fussy.
Want to upgrade from 11-42 10 speed to 11-46 11 speed

Want to go all XT (shifter, cassette, derailleur and chain)


Long cage or medium cage?

Will 11 speed cassette fit on 10 speed body?

XT chain good or go with SRAM?

Thanks in advance!

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A) medium cage, long cage is for 2x and 3x.

B) yes, it will.

C) SRAM, I did find Shimano chains to be more chatter, and people reported​ to have less backpedal problems with SRAM chain. Performance wise, I didn't find one to be superior to the other.

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I've been riding Shimano 1x10 (11-42t) for quite a while on my Kona Honzo hardtail. I love it. Last week I took possession of a new FS with Shimano 1x11 (11-46t), so this is new to me.

Anecdotal notes... I love the 1x11, too. The shifting feels more notchy than the 10spd shifter but I expect it'll settle in. I like that I can upshift one or two gears -- my choice -- by how far I push the lever with my thumb. It's very intuitive, I have to mean to get two if I want two but it's easy. With my 10spd system, I'm limited to one upshift per push of the lever.

I'm sold on 1x11. Also still sold on 1x10. (Not going to change the Honzo's gearing -- they're both good.) I guess the bottom line is 1-by drivetrains will rule my world until lightweight IGHs or Pinion take over.


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Cage length: 2x/3x - long, 1x - mid.

Chain: I still ride 10spd, but always had the best luck with KMC chains and a reusable link is nice. No idea if this holds true for 11spd. It's gonna be many years before I switch with the amount of spare parts I have. lol

Cassette: 11spd Shimano will fit. 11spd SRAM will not.
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