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11-36/36 combo for AM ?

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Looking to ditch the front derailleur and try a different combo for AM.

Still needs to work for the bike park and DH shuttle runs. Would love to be able to run a tight smooth chainguide up front, lighten the bike, yet still be able to climb. Only 25% of my riding on this bike is AM the rest is shuttle/bike park. But I need to be sure 11-36/36 would work for me and be an OK climb. Doesn't have to be awesome. I'm not a good climber anyway so it' not that big a deal really.

Current setup is 11-24/24-36 with SRAM X9.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.
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Your current granny gear combo (24x24) has the same ratio as the new lowest gear (36x36) you wouldn't lose anything on the climbs. Try Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator to look at the different combos in more detail
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