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10th Annual Dakota Five-0 Race/Ride/Tour

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Ridge Riders of the Black Hills are again putting the labor back in Labor Day Weekend, September 5th. If you have not had the chance to ride this course or event now is a good time to check it out. Great start/finish area in Spearfish City Park/Campground. 3 mile gravel climb to some fine singletrack, a lollipop course (loop with short out and back). Pack your A game for this 50 mile ride, there is nearly 7000' of climbing and a variety of trail riding. It is well supported with 4 official aid stations and the unofficial Bacon Station. Food, Music and Crow Peak Microbrew await riders in Spearfish Park following the great ride. The Dakota Five-0 has had high rating with all riders. If you have any comments please post so others have an idea what this event is about. Please take the time to visit the website and get some futher info. Ridge Riders of the Black Hills mountain bike club has been linking trails and events since 1985!
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I might do it and bring my A-game drinking skills.
Bring it and your camera! Both will prove to be beneficial.
Isnt this a Front Range forum? Black Hills isn't on the FR.

Just kiddin Perry

This is a great course don't let the race times fool you this course will kick your butt. Also some of the best single track you will find anywhere and a great scene after the race. If I had two extra hands I would give it 4 thumbs up.
Thanks for the help!
Hope to see you at the 10th Five---OOOHHhhhh!
Pedal Power
Great Scene/Great Trails

Some friends have been doing this race for a couple years and they talked me into it last year. I had never done a mountain bike race and was not sure what to expect. I had the best time and signed up as soon as I could for this year:thumbsup: . All the volunteers and organizers were great, the vibe surrounding the whole weekend is mellow and just a great time. Can't say enough good things about the trails they ride.

Anyone thinking about hitting it up should just sign up and be ready to have a great time.
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