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10am-ish, Thursday. SoMo! Anybody?

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I'm gonna hit SoMo tomorrow but I can't commit to anything before 10am. Planning on heading up National or Mormon to Telegraph or so, road back to BV, then down National. Don't have a problem with a shorter ride to the saddle and back but if left to my own devices I'll probably go to the towers at least.

If anyone is interested in joining in the heat-fest speak up. The temps aren't bothering me yet, YMMV :)

Kort? Sam? Anyone?
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Kortface said:
Yeah dude I'd be down for that.

Alright then, it's a date. Pima north ramada by the shitt'r 10am.
Ok, I'll be there.

10 ish???? yikes!
i got back from riding DC at 9am and i by 8:30 it was too hot! (i'm a heat weenie.)
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