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104 link XTR Chain

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Some sellers on ebay and elsewhere are selling XTR/Dura Ace chains with 104 links, advertised as fitting some "compact" drivetrains. Are they long enough for a regular MTB? I know compact often refers to a road bike with two chain rings up front. Thoughts?
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Racing road frames tend to have very short chain stays (usually about 410mm) plus they would use a short cage rear derailleur and a maximum 25t or 27t rear cog. A standard 26" Hardtail usually uses about 425mm long chainstays. A 29er or Full Suspension will use longer in addition to a med or long cage rear derailleur and a 32t or 34t large cog...pretty sure that chain will be too short for a MTB triple.
A 104-link chain is ideal only for a short cage RD and 23t cog....essentially a road bike. The listed XTR chain is also known as the Dura Ace CN7701. They are on sale everywhere from $21 on up, for the complete 116-link complement.
Yep, its time to stock up if your not already doing so.

The XTR/Dura-ace chains have been held at a very high price for quite some time now.
I wonder if people simply just refused to buy them at the high prices and moved to cheaper alternatives?
Thanks for the education. Now, where can I get an XTR chain for a$21?

Thanks again.
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