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100mm RP23 for 04' Stump?

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Hi Guys, I have a couple of questions regarding a new shock I am considering. I have an 04' Stump Pro FSR with the Triad Shock. I wasn't pleased with the way it was performing so I had my LBS replace the seals on it. It still isn't all that great. It seems like I have to put more air in it to not bob, but on the downhill it is too firm for my taste. So, I am thinking about putting an Fox RP23 on it. Will this shock perform better than the OEM Triad? Is it worth the upgrade? Would this be recommended?

I see from Specialized's site that my Triad's size is 6.5 X 1.5, do I just find an RP23 that is that same size and that will correlate to the same 100mm travel I have with my current set up? Also, I have found an RP23 on ebay for around $200. Will that work out of the box, or do I need to buy any additional parts for it?
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You need to run a shock that's 6.5 x 1.5. That will give you the same 100mm of travel. The frame limits you to this size because of the pierced seat tube. It's wayyyy better then the Triad. Worlds better. The Triad has that issue - you either get small bump compliance or bottom out resistance, but not both.

I picked up my RP23 for $190. I swapped out the shock reducers from the Triad and mounted it right up no problem.
Awesome to know that it will work and be a better ride. Are the bushings the same things as reducers? Can I use the same ones that are on my triad, or do I need new ones? Where would be a good place to get new ones, and how much do those run? Sorry so many questions, I have never dealt with the shock in the 5 years I have owned the bike. And this was my first full suspension.
Bushings are cylinders that press into the shock's eyelets. All Fox shocks have the same bushings and your new one should come with them. Reducers are the hardware that adapt the shock to different frames. They're lightly pressed into the bushings, and removing them shouldn't be too difficult.

In all honesty, you might as well get new reducers - they're ~$10 from Fox. Give them a call and tell them what frame you have - they should know what you need (if they don't, call back and talk to someone else - their CS can really suck sometimes)
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