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My current bike has an 80mm coil fork.

I'm looking to upgrade it to a bigger or better fork,

I was wondering if there is any safety concerns on running a 100mm fork on it?

I have heard that there could be concerns of the head breaking or the frame since it was not made for a 100mm fork. is this true?

Here is the fork I was looking at:

I chose this because it is adjustable from 85mm to 130mm but I would adjust it around 90-100mm probably.


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What you need to compare is not the travel, but the axle-to-crown lengths of your current fork and potential replacement, as a change in this length over 10mm or so will significantly change your bike's geometry and handling characteristics. Yes, it could be a safety concern as too long of a fork would put added stress on your frame's headtube.

I upgraded my old 65mm fork to an 80mm fork, but the axle-to-crown lengths were barely 1mm different, so there was no change in the bike's geometry.
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