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I have a Superfly 100 on its way. Looking for a 100mm fork with a thru axle. I'm NOT going to invest in a 20mm fork. I can see the writing on the wall. IMHO, 20mm TAs for XC and light trail bikes are pretty much on their way out. Just wait, the RS will probably be out soon. Fox in their infinite wisdom as "discontinued" their F29 with the handlebar lock out. :madman: I want a handlebar lock-out. I'm not sold on the Terralogic. Manitou...well, does anybody still work there? Which leaves a lefty. I'd love to hear the opinion of somebody who's ridden a LEFTY MAX CARBON XLR on a 29r. looks like the A-C height is pretty much the same as a Fox F29. What do they really weigh? thanks
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