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Time to do a fork upgrade- needed one for a while, but now that I can't ride until August due to a concussion (yes riding- I have no recall of the ride at all), now is the time to do it.

I've got an 07 Giant Trance 3 that has been upgraded a little. It's currently got the Dart3 fork which I've never liked, but that was what was on it.

Stock travel is 100 mm. I've seen a lot of guys loving 120, 130, and even 140mm travel forks on the Trances.

I would actually prefer a little bit slacker head tube angle, so I'm not really worried about that.

I've been looking at the Revelation U-Turn series since I don't really know what travel I want yet and really have no way to test it out on my bike.

The '10 goes from 150mm to 120mm. I was thinking this would be a great choice since I could run between 120 and 130- maybe a hair longer.

In reading on the boards here, it looks like there was a manufacturing issue with that fork that a lot of people have been plagued with. Others seem to have no problems.

The problem thread has been quiet for a while. Does that mean the problem is fixed and that I don't need to worry, or should I look at another fork?

By the way- I'm 6'2" and about 245# right now- losing weight and hope to end up in the 215# range if that matters (started at 279#).

If you have another recommendation on a fork in the $600 or less range I'm open as well.


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