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My wife and I have been cyclists for decades but after having a child and with increasingly demanding jobs, our discretionary time for cycling diminished and our riding time dropped off significantly.

We tried going to the gym and cycling studios with limited success. Then in January 2019 we ordered a Peloton bike and have been hooked ever since. Now, we are working out more and feeling better. We're also riding more outdoors and enjoying it a whole lot more simply because we're in better shape.

Now that we're home sheltering in place during the Coronavirus outbreak, we're more grateful than ever for the Peloton. After initially ribbing me for the spendy purchase, my wife regularly says, "Thank goodness for the Peloton!"

10 reasons why

At $2,245 for the bike and $39/month for the subscription, the Peloton bike is definitely not cheap, but here are 10 reasons why it has been well worth the money for us:
  1. Flexibility: We can ride any time of the day or night. It doesn't matter if it's dark or there are thunderstorms outside. My primary time slot is 6 AM before anyone else wakes up and if I get out of bed I am 100% guaranteed to get in a good workout. The bike is extremely quiet so I can put on headphones and ride to my heart's content without disturbing anyone.
  2. Metrics and competition: I love all the metrics! Peloton tracks, displays, and stores tons of data including miles, calories, output, heart rate and more which keep you accountable. All of my activities sync with Strava (Fitbit can also be linked) so my Peloton rides add to all of my stats including total miles. I also compete with other riders on the leaderboard which is fun and makes me work a lot harder. There are many celebrities and pro athletes on Peloton including Usain Bolt and Rory Mcllroy. If they share their leaderboard name publicly you can follow them and compete against them.
  3. Community: There are literally hundreds of Peloton "tribes" based on commonalities including the time of day you ride, size, height, age, diet, hobby, location or favorite instructor. You can also follow friends, colleagues, etc. to build your personal tribe to share workouts and compete. Engaging with a tribe of people with similar interests can be a fun way to keep motivated and celebrate achievements like milestones and PRs.
  4. Class options: With Peloton, I can pick the ride type (e.g. climbing, HIIT, low impact. etc.), duration (5 to 90 minutes), instructor and music genre. There are something like 10,000 classes on demand to choose from so if you want to take a 20 minute 90s hip hop class or a 60 minute country ride you have options. The beauty of short rides also means that you can squeeze in a workout even if you only have 20 minutes, and we can all find 20 minutes!
  5. Peloton digital app: The app is included with the $39/month subscription and has cycling workouts (in case you're traveling), boot camp, strength training, yoga, meditation, etc. and can be streamed or cast via a variety of devices so you can watch on TV. You can share unlimited accounts with others in the home. Peloton is currently offering a 90 day free trial for an individual membership which is a great way to try out the content. The app for one person (without the bike) costs $13/month.
  6. Work out at home: Additional benefits of working out at home are 1) Nobody outside your family sees you so no need to worry about how you look or what you're wearing; 2) You are in control of the temperature, lighting, music volume, etc.; 3) There are no people around you sneezing and coughing like there sometimes are in a cycling studio; 4) It's completely safe - no risk of wiping out or getting hit by a car. These last two points are especially important now that we're staying home and want to avoid people and hospitals.
  7. Instructors: There are over 20 active instructors, each with their own manner of keeping riders engaged and motivated. Some are former competitive cyclists like Christian Vande Velde. Some are funny, some say inspirational things, some yell at you and some are laid back and quieter. My favorite is Alex Toussaint who is as positive and enthusiastic a person as you'll ever meet.
  8. Training with friends: It's easy to train with your friends on both live and on-demand rides and they don't need to live nearby. I ride with a friend from high school who lives on the other side of the country on Friday mornings. My wife rides regularly with her friend in another state. Even professional athletes do Peloton rides together.
  9. Challenges and programs: There are regular challenges (e.g. ride X miles in a month or work out X days in a given period) which are motivating. Peloton also offers workout programs. One that's appealing to many cyclists is the Power Zone program which helps you increase power over time by working in various zones based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).
  10. Great music: The instructors pick their own songs and it's a great way to find new music. The song title and artist are displayed during the ride. I have my Spotify account linked so that with a tap of the screen it adds whatever song I like to my Spotify playlist. This feature also works with Apple Music.
There will never be a replacement for riding singletrack in the woods or hopping in the saddle for a four-hour road ride but the Peloton is a great supplement to our workout regimen. It keeps us in shape and is also a lot of fun!

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