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Sweep the leg!
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What's the main difference between a Hoover and a Harley? The location of the Dirtbag.

Oh, not biker, cyclist. I got it now.

2- when I shave my legs I don't stop at the tan line
3- stamina, stamina, stamina
4- my body is used to hunched over positions for hours at a time
5- as a single speeder I know sometimes the basics are all that's needed
6- as a 29er rider I'm not afraid of trying new things despite what others say
7- Did I mention stamina, stamina, stamina?
8- I'm not afraid of pain
9- I'll ride any time, but I prefer to be well lubricated and have conditions damp.
10- Afterwards I'm all for a beer or glass of wine or shot of something or sharing a blunt.
11- Nothing beats a nap after a good ride.

squish is good
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f3rg said:
Best reason:

Because we'll get to the point where we can no longer improve our own bike, and we'll turn our focus to yours.
Heh, I tuned my GF's huffy last week... thing weighs more than my DH bike.

Exercise improves one's libido... cycling helps with stamina :ihih: !

Don't worry, be happy!
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10 reasons to MARRY a biker

I came up with seven right off the bat.

1. no arguing about how to spend free time
2. no arguing about where to spend vacations
3. you'll always have a pretty good idea of what to get for gifts.
4. At least one of you will most likely have the skills to maintain the fleet
5. "chores can wait, I'm going for a ride" is understood
6. No posting to MTBR about "my SO doesn't understand my passion"
7. It's much easier to work mtb into non mtb events when you have a partner in crime(business travel, family events, etc)
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