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1 week in Naples - what the hell should I do?

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I'll be in Naples, FL for a week with my family and have no illusions of mtn biking. I've been down there before and shipped my road bike down, but that's pricey and I'm not a fan of the riding down there. Drinking and playing guitar can only take up so many hours. I'm totally ADD and always need to be doing something. I'm looking for suggestions as to what else I can do to pass the time. Here's what I've got so far - let me know if you've got any other suggestions:

- zoo
- tennis
- gator wrestling
- golf
- bowling
- beach
- strip joints
- side trip to the everglades -kayaking?
- side trip to Key West for a night or 2

Help! Thanks.
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Naples area has some of the best flats fishing in the state.

THAT's what I would be doing there. Rent a kayak, and hit the flats.
Thanks dudes. May be looking to check out some swamp buggy races. Anyone checked these out? Are guys from Boston welcome here? :

Also might be on the lookout for some water parks, karoke, boll weevil parties, etc.
Naples is what... 74 miles from Boyette??

There are also guided boar hunting trips in the area... Just sayin'.
If you have transportation, RIDE.

Caloosahatchee in Alva/Ft Myers

Markham in Sunrise (at the other end of Alligator Alley)

I think both would be an hour or less drive. Boyette/Alafia would be only 2.5-3 hours. Not bad for a day trip.
I grew up in Naples, The Swamp Buggy races are a lot of fun. For added excitement enter the standing room area on the south and backside of the track. Many a drunk ******* waiting to make a fool of themselves for your viewing pleasure.
You can rent some rollerblades and blade around Port Royal(area near the pier) and look at all the multi million dollar homes.
Jungle Larrys is OK, but nothing special.
The amusement parks were built after I moved away, so cannot comment too much on them.
I used to fish off the pier, silver spoons work good for mackeral. If you want to do some redfish/snook fishing. You can do pretty good off the bridges. for snook, get on 41 and start driving towards miami about 10 miles south. watch out for the gators, and bring some Off, use a 7m11 mirrolure for best results.
for redfish, head towards Marco and fish under the big bridge, live shiners works best here
remember to get a fishing license.
oh yeah, there are lots of beaches

Have Fun
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Air boat rides are pretty cool if you can find one..
Yeah I'm currently in Naples as well.

Brought down my MTB and haven't found that many places to ride it where I feel safe. Thank god I brought my platform pedals as my clipless ones were making me nervous with all the traffic and old people turning in front of me.

Just found a cool route thru a bunch of neighborhoods to get to the beach. was pretty proud of myself when I found it as there isn't much traffic on any of the streets.
Bring your bike!! You'll be surprised at the trails in South Florida.
Ditto on the three trails Blunderbus recomended!!!
Caloosahatchee in Alva/Ft Myers is a real fun trail!!
Go to the early dinners every night with the folks from Del Boca Vista
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