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Googled this topic, searched here, and there and everywhere. Still am not %100 confident.
I've got an older Trek MT220 24" bike I'm trying to get rideable again.
Going to let my daughter ride it for a summer or so and save the next serious build for when she's ready for an XS or S 26" bike.
The fork was trashed. It had a 1" quill stem on it.
I got a Fork off a newer Marin 24" bike, but it is 1-1/8" threadless.
The fork fits the bottom of the headset fine.
Measured the tubes and they are the same.
Inside diameter of frame steer tube is 34mm.
It appears I can just buy a threadless headset, and a new stem, and us this fork.
Does this sound right to you guys?
I've considered tearing her little highly upgraded 20" Hotrock apart and trying out her Chris King headset (from my old bike) on this bike, but she is still riding it till I get this one up and running.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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