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1,000 (way) Points are Lite?

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It's Hard to believe that with a few clicks, I nearly exhausted have of the 1,000 way points for my PN-40 (Delorme). I figured out how to merge waypoints in notepad, then seeing you how can download several at a time via zip code. 3 zip codes of North Jersey aleady have half my weighpoints.

In the Geocaching for Dummie book the explained how its good to set your own waypoint, say at a trail head. On delorme, its the thumbtack button.

Google Earth works great for viewing, editing and trouble shooting the file. I had double quotes in the cdata section that f-ed up the whole file

Does anyone know how to expand the 1,000 waypints. Back in the day, we used to make suitecase of fonts. I'd like to make suitecase for weigh points and load them as needed.:thumbsup:
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Why would you need so many waypoints on the unit at one time?
fishbum said:
Why would you need so many waypoints on the unit at one time?
That's 100% true. In reality you don't. With fonts, people group a couple together for a project they're work on,

I guess I'll just create seperate .loc files with about 10 for each zip code. and then load them as needed. On the delorme. the topo files get saved on the san disk. I live in the North east and copied several nearby states to the sandisk. The problem with too many waypoints is that the over shadow the map. On the tiny screen when looking at two counties with 500 weighpoints, you can't even see the map:madman:
Here is the solution to the overshadowed map - go to the Draw tab and open a new waypoint layer... move some of those waypoints that are similar in some respect to the new layer so you can turn it off and on to declutter. You can also create a new project and use only the waypoint file of interest so the others are not in the project. Then when you cut a map for the PN you only get what you need in that map file.
That sounds pretty good. Basically use the Topo 8 to Manage the waypoints
Waypoint layer contents include comments about the waypoint, the URL assigned when the waypoint was added to the map, the date and time the waypoint was last modified, the coordinates of the waypoint, the elevation of the waypoint, and the symbol name
I'm assuming you've filled your handheld mostly with waypoints of geocaches?

I'd suggest an alternate method of managing that stuff. Use GSAK. It's a program that allows you to maintain an offline database of geocaches. Load it with everything, then only put the ones on your handheld that you actually want there. If you are a premium member at, you can use the pocket query function, which lets you generate a query of up to 500 geocaches that meet a certain set of criteria that you set. It sends all those to you via e-mail in a .gpx file.

A couple pocket queries maintained on your home computer as a database gives you plenty to sort through and send smaller numbers to your handheld. You can sort them further on GSAK to make sure that only the ones you want to look for are included. I don't know how much you've done, but most people who geocache have developed preferences for the types of caches they prefer to seek, and filter their searches to exclude everything else.

That way, your map screen isn't cluttered by waypoints of caches you're never going to bother looking for. If you don't have preferences yet and still want to include all types, only load the points for caches when you plan on hunting for them.

But these sorts of questions would probably be a better fit on the geocaching forums.
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NateHawk said:
I'm assuming you've filled your handheld mostly with waypoints of geocaches?
Yes. I'm starting to create way points for places I frequently visit.

Like the previous post, I'll probably use topo 8 and retain the waypoints in project files. This week end I hope to bike w/the pn-40 and follow a previous route I did a couple of years ago.

This ride is two loops, I may create a way point on one of the loops and create a new ride of one larger loop.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<loc version="1.0" src="Groundspeak">
	<name id="GC1Z73K"><<[cherry lane is in my ears and in my eyes]]></name>
	<coord lat="41.089012000" lon="-74.094092000" />
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jkmacman said:
Yes. I'm starting to create way points for places I frequently visit.

Like the previous post, I'll probably use topo 8 and retain the waypoints in project files. ]
I'm suggesting that GSAK is a better waypoint management program for your geocaches. Other waypoints are probably fine to keep in Topo8.

I have taken to keeping most of my stuff in Google Earth.
Google Earth vs. Web Apps

No doubt google earth is powerful. here's my weigh point on g.e.

I wish it wereweb based. If the my place.kml file lived on the web and i could view my stuff on any 'puter. One terminal I use is linux, it looks like the google earth is available for linux, but if i use different 'puters, then i'm stuck. That' why I sill use garmin, the connect shows a calender of what you've done. I've exported from garmin training center as I have files on differnt computers. It's nice to have it all available on the web, so you can you on any terminal, anywhere in the world.

Tha'ts the drawback w/topo 8. I can't use it on my linux box:madman:
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You can store your file on google docs if you want to access it wherever you like. With Linux, you're going to have trouble (worse, I think, than if you were on a Mac). there's some stuff available for linux, but it's different stuff than you can use on windows. I'd say just pick a computer to use with your GPS and use it primarily. I do that already, and all the computers I use are windows-based.

My office computer is XP, my home laptop is Vista 32bit, and my home office is Vista 64bit. I use my GPS almost exclusively with my home office computer. Keeping things in one place just makes it easier to keep track. I only rarely use it with the other computers.
My Places.kmz

My google doc won't load 'My Places.kmz'.

The Mac OS nearly is linux since OS 10. If google went behind linux forget about it.

They want to play catch up ball w/iPhone.
Mac OS is Unix, not Linux. They're different.

iPhone is not the end game. Why can't I browse my ipod like a hard drive? I can do that on my pc with a special program...but none of the programs on my ipod can do that...if I need to access an external file, I have to send it to myself via e-mail and download it with the ipod.

my old PDA (MS pocketPC 2002 OS on a Dell Axim X5) could do that. My old PDA also had expansion slot/CF card slot and an SD card slot. in a way, the iphone/ipod touch have gone backwards by abandoning things that people have been able to do for years.

the way I understand it, Google is not playing catch-up with apple...they've caught apple.

Google supports open source. their phone OS is open source, and a great deal of their software projects are open source. their web-based document programs don't care what OS you're in a way, they do support Linux.

My bad with Google wasn't google docs where you create's in the maps site. Go there, then to 'my profile' and under the 'maps' tab, you can create your own .kml map. And amusingly, the video tutorial they show illustrates a link back to mtbr.
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Mac OS is Unix, not Linux. They're different.
linux is close to unix, it's the free version. google coulda bought sun solaris os for pennies. I'll have to check out the google map for kml. google is good since we all depend on it most compaines won't block it. Picassa not block, most evertying google sails through the web my site is go daddy and its blocked you're site comes out as possibly dangerous and its blocked.

I like google docs too except i tried to sort stuff into folders and it all seems to sit in one window for the picasso it was running slow, so i made a new album for this year:thumbsup:
google has their own os, anyway.

your work web filters probably don't like wordpress. hence the blocking. nothing I can do about that.

with letting maps host your kml, you can make it available to whoever you you should be able to edit it from any machine, barring any trouble with work filters/blocking access.
thanks for the heads up w/google maps. they rasied the bar,56.513672&t=h&z=4&hl=en&gl=us

the google os is for there phone from what i undertand for the computer they have the browser chrome?

the os (phone) makes its it hard for developers as there are 2 or 3 versions flating around. iPhone only one versrion makes it easy for the developers

just look at any web page

if IE do this
if Firefox do this
if < IE 6 do this

many programs are on pc as it costs time and money to develop for other os. lucky for MS

lotus 123 was out before excel, but ms made they office suite then got into servers ms sql server

mac was nearly out of business until the iPod came down the pike
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no, google has a computer OS. Chromium. It's intended for netbooks, but it's not Android, the phone OS.
1000 points per gpx file

There's a firmware update available (2.7) for the pn-40 that came out last week. Now we can save gpx files of way points to the san disk . Each GPX file can save 1,000 way points. This is pretty cool as you can save waypoints (or geocaches) and load them as need be. it's a pretty simle schema, just longtitude, lattitude , elevation (accepts 0) & name

here's a sample of code for just 2 way points

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<gpx xmlns="" creator="GlobalMotion" version="1.1" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<wpt lat="40.735047" lon="-74.164259"><ele>0</ele><name>Newark - Penn Station>/name></wpt>
<wpt lat="40.737681" lon="-74.170659"><ele>0</ele><name>Newark - Military Park</name></wpt>
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