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0W-30 in super deluxe?

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I want to service my super deluxe but don't have the maxima lube packets. Is it ok to replace it with a splash of 0w-30 oil I have leftover from servicing my fork?
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im no oil pro, or suspension pro, but id put it off for a few days and source some 15w-50. im sure there will be a mix of anecdotal yes/no replies to follow. **** aint cheap, but $50 for a liter and you're pretty well set for life. and then some.

actually just finished servicing mine yesterday.

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OP-YMMV, but I've had good results from Slickoleum and Fox 20wt Gold in the air can on multiple Super Deluxe Ultimates, Select +, Select. Several thousand miles on Super Deluxe with those greases and fluids.
Main thing for performance is adhering to the hour service intervals. Stay on those and performance will be fine even with comparable but not specified lubrication alternatives.
I can typically get 2-3 air can services at 50hr intervals without needing to do the full seal replacement. I do the the full rebuild and damper service in about 1.5-2 years.
I haven't found any real advantage to RS Dynamic seal grease vs Slickoleum when adhering to 50hr intervals on RS products or in Float Fluid, gear oil, Fox Gold, Maxima fluids when adhering to 50hr service intervals.
Maybe if you delay service and only attend to it post 100 hours is there a noticeable advantage on the trail and wear and tear, but if you service early and often, likely several options for you on grease and fluid for acceptable performance.
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