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09 was fine in CO

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Here's my photo recap thread. Because all the cool kids are doing it :)

Made it to the desert with our local crew.

Had a big ride in the Fall. 9+ hours of saddle time.

From a little ride in May we call the Lyons Fat Tire Fest (tongue in cheek, of course)

Another long one in the hills. I think this one was about 8 hours. I was really tired after this one.

hmm, let see. What else?
Went on a good long exploring mission up by Estes Park. Entirely smoove and buff trails.

Took a solo mission camping and exlporing in Grand County, CO - near Grand Lake and Lake Granby. Definitely going back there.

Played on some rocks this summer, of course. It is the Rocky Mountains after all.

made it to Phoenix for Christmas. That was fun (pic by durtgurl, thanks!)

Damn near got frostbite on Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance's Sufferfest. What is it with these 7+ hour rides?

Got into a couple "situations." Those were fun.

There were narrow ribbons

and more views than you could shake a stick at.

Happy 2010, hope it's as good:thumbsup:
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great pics, man! can't wait to get out of illinois!
Excellent pictures!

My trip to Colorado last Summer was definitely one of the highlights of the 2009 riding season. Can't wait to be back!
Can't decide if the "Playing on Rocks" pic or the "Narrow Ribbons" pic pegs my Gotta-get-to-Colorado meter more. But man..... I gotta get to Colorado. The only down side I can see to living there is that I'd never find the time (or desire) to travel to any out-of-state destinations. You guys do have it good.

Looks like a bunch of great riding, Dave. Thanks.
Great pictures!! I was in Boulder for a few days over the summer and didn't get much chance to ride. Looks like I was missing out!
Thanks for the good words guys. You're right, Krob - I don't feel the need to travel much. All of them were CO shots except for the Phoenix pic. Most of the rest were within1/2 hour drive from home. I love it here :)
Man thanks for posting those pictures. You really captured the best sections of trails, and at this point in the winter- I needed to see that. I miss my mountain bike this time of year.........MTT :thumbsup:
Yep I love Colorado too. Thanks ignazjr for the great year of riding and bike building. o nine was fine, in ten lets do it again.
thanks for the post, made my day better with just a few pics.
'09 was fine for me too. Moved from Boise to the pics. Was able to get to a spot or two this summer, but it's nice knowing how many options are out there!
Hopefully should have a weekend of CO riding in mid-August, these pics definitely have me looking forward to what's planned. Should be heading through Lyons so might have to visit RC :D
sweet pics and terrain...not sure on the
9 hour part
Long rides are the best sort!
Amazing. Sometime soon, maybe in the fall, I hope to make it up there.
Thanks guys. 6th - definitely look me up if you're in the hood. I'd love to tour guide. Shiver Me - 9 isn't too bad. It's a good break from the kids, life, etc :)
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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