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'09 vs '10 Niner Question

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Am I correct is that the '09 Jet frames are just now really getting into the market?

I am tempted to wait till Interbike and see whats coming out before I pick up my next frame. The reason I ask is that if the '10 models will come out by January then I can wait but if its a year (about June '10) then I may pick one up soonish.

I have a 26er right now that I am satisfied with but a squishy 29er is calling me.

Since they did a large redesign on the RIP for '09 what are your thoughts on the chance of a Jet redesign for '10?
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99%, that is why i chose a RIP.
Brett from Niner said no though. I have no reason to doubt him, but if I owned the company, I would upgrade one bike at a time and next year would be the Jet. Just MO.
'09 Jets have been out for a while and '09 Jets are a bit different than '08s. The rear end is different.
I think I'm gonna wait til Interbike anyway. I'm not in a hurry.
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