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09 Rip 9 broken water bottle mount nut

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I just got an 09 Rip 9 and the lower water bottle mounting bolt on the bottom of the down tube was loose. I was able to get the bolt out but the threaded insert was broken and fell inside the frame. Has anyone else had this happen? Any thoughts on a fix for this?
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Rivet Nut Tools

I broken other aluminum frame bottle mounting bolt,
that repair by Rivet Nut Tools.
If loose and not broken

I read the you can re-tighten the inert by using a longer bolt with 2 nuts. Screw the bolt with 2 nuts attached into the hole. Turn both nuts down against the insert. While holding the top of the screw stationary, tighten the top nut against the bottom nut. That apparently tightens the insert again. I have'nt tried it yet so let me know.
That might work if it was only loose, the outer ring on mine is sheared off from the threaded part so it has nothing to compress it. I did manage to get the bolt out, but the nut is now inside the frame. I guess a new rivet type nut is the answer. I just hate to spend $50 to install one nut.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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