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09 Revelation with Pike lowers

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I know this was covered a bit already but if anyone has any real info it would be helpful. I put Pike lowers on my 09' Rev Air U Turn and since the Pike lowers are longer there is now only 125mm of stanchion showing. Is thare any danger in running the fork this way from a safety standpoint? Will the fork bottom out into the seals or cause the tire to run into the crown? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I may just sell the Rev in its QR configuration and buy something new.
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Here is my thread on the topic. I tried to be somewhat thorough when inspecting what I was doing. In the end both forks went back to their standard form and have since been sold. For the record though, the Revelation uppers/internals with Pike lowers had ~140mm of exposed stanchion on my fork. Something is off if you only have 120mm. And yes you risk damage in that case.
I had read your thread so I thought it would work seamlessly but it does not. Clearly the Pike lowers that I have are longer than the Rev lowers, this is obvious when put side by side. I had read other threads that stated this was the case and that you would lose travel. Maybe the model year of the lowers I got are different (older) and therefore don't fit right. I will doulble check tonight and see if I reinstalled them improperly. Also the negative air valve doesn't extend as far below the lower as it did on the Rev lowers and doesn't alow for airing up the negetive as easily.
Hmmm :eek:ut: Could be a model year issue. I was not aware of any significant casting changes to the Pike over the product lifecycle. It could also be that most swappers are using dual air and your u-turn may be different. My swap was straight forward and everything went as expected.

If you let the air out of the fork do the seals hit the crown or do you hear a metal-metal bottom out??
Thanks for your help on this. The fork never bottoms metal on metal just the wipers hit the crown. My first thought was that the Air U Turn stanchions are shorter than the duel air and that would account for the discrepancy, excep that there is no doubt that the lowers of the pike have longer tubes. Maybe the combination of both throws it off.
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