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09 jamis durango 2.0 worth upgrading?

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2 weeks ago i bought a 2.0 durango i got a killer deal on it and this bike in the 750.00 range(mine was 639.00) comes with better parts than other bikes in its range and i like the way it rides. anyway is this a frame thats worth duming some extra cash on to upgrade some of the not so great areas like the fork/wheels mabey some easton bars/seat post and a different saddle and stem. this bike stock is 30 pounds and some small change kinda heavy for a hardtail. or ride it for the rest of the summer and upgrade to a 2010 dakota? i ride single track trails dont race but im the kind of person that loves to have the best i can/cant afford and im a doe head guru for wasting my money on upgrading anything i own but i dont whant to waste my money upgrading a frame that isnt worthy. does anybody follow my rambling?
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anybody? not much life on this jamis forum
I have just ordered a new Jamis Durango 2 for 949$ AUD now I think got a very good frame and everthing. I don't think you need to upgrade anything. It really depends on your budjet and what trails you do it dose not need a new fork the fork they are using is one of the best forks on the market
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