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Just started to get into mountain biking last summer. I have a cheapo Walmart bike I rode last summer to lose weight but want to upgrade to a nice 29er before summer hits. My LBS has two bikes on clearance at $899. Both the Fuji and the Access are similar in components and both test rode beautifully. The main difference is the fork, which I don't have much knowledge on.

Similarities are X7 front, rear, and shifters. Avid juicy 5 brakes are also found on both models.

Fuji: RockShox Tora 318 Air 29er, 80mm travel

Access: Rock Shox Tora Race 29, Motion Control, Compression adjust, lockout, 100mm travel

So what's everyone's thought process on which steed I should purchase?
Thanks in advance!!!!:)

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mtnbiker72 said:
The Tora 318 Solo Air and the Tora Race are virtually the same fork (the 318 can be extended to 100mm as well). The frames are both made by Ideal. Since the test ride seems to have them even, buy the one you like the looks of better, they're that similar.

Which one makes you smile more when you're sitting on it?

Don't forget to take and post the 'couch shot' after you bring it home :cool:

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I bought a 2010 Access 9.7 about a month ago online, and I got a Recon Silver instead of the Tora. It's essentially the same thing, just relabeled for 2011. I'm a noob, started in July by buying a Giant Rincon, and I could tell immediately that the Access was a step up.
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