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09 El Guapo questions

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I'm not sure if the 09 Guapos are out yet but I have a couple questions.

1. Is the 68* headtube angle measured with a flush headset or a traditional? The Titus website says the headtube angle is based on 551mm axle to crown length. Since most 160mm forks claim 545 a/c I would guess the extra 6mm comes from the lower headset.

2. Does anyone have a frame weight yet?

3. It seems like the BB height gets a lot of discussion, to me something in the 13.8 range is just fine but I thought I've read some post with lower BB heights listed. Can anyone tell me if this BB height is correct?

The Guapo and the Pivot Firebird are the 2 bikes I'm most interested in replacing my Intense 6.6 with. I already have a Racer X and even though I ride the 6.6 a lot more the Racer X is a great bike. I'd also look at the Turner RFX but with them not coming out until 2010 I may not wait that long.
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my bb height on my 07 is between 13.25" and 13.5"...
call em they are pretty helpful
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