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I wouldn't normally post about components here, but the red and gold Outlaws would look killer on a black anodized or polished frame.
I saw them in person a couple of days ago and they are gorgeous.
The red ones would look killer on a Fury with the Rocco shock.
They're bright and translucent, like the old school rims and hubs were.

Later, Eric.

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Ericmopar said:
I told Shawn that, he should get some of those for that polished 96 San An of his. :thumbsup:
That would look awesome!!!!

I'd really like to get the new style red Fury decals, and red Outlaws for mine.
That would look sick!!!
BUT!!! I still have a perfectly good set of black Outlaws. I just can't spend the money for a color LOL..
If they were lighter it might be a different story though. :D
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