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Good day to all. i have a question about the 08 fox TALAS 32. can the travel be reduced by 20 mm? the 08 has 100-120-140 mm fork travel and was thinking of converting it to 80-100-120mm. the f series can be reduced by adding spacers. Can it be done with the TALAS?
i'm an xc rider w/ a bit of trail riding when off season. right now what i do is i set it with a lot of sag( 55-60psi instead of the recommended 90-105 psi for my weight w/c is around 165 lbs.). I'm ok with 100-140 travel but i think 80-120 is better for my riding style. i tried searching the net but there's nothing. hope the fox/suspension gurus can help.
Thanks in advance. peace! :)
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