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08 Scott Gambler FR 10

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'08 Scott Gambler FR 10
Ultimate Downhill/Freeride, fully adjustable for either.
Marz. 888 Fork, Fox DHX 5.0 coil rear.(Both new upgrades)
7.8" Travel front, 7.2"-9.5" Rear(3 choices)
Mavic, Scott, Sram, e13, Avid, etc.

Would this be a decent downhill bike? Does $1500 seem like a good deal? Thanks

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Yea that seems like an awesome deal! Sure its legit? Im running a DH10 and loving it.

Check out what the costal crew do on theirs!
Alright thanks. Think im gonna go pick it up. Is a long frame big enough for someone 6'1 6'2?
Ive got the same frame, and im about 6´1. (187cm) Works for me.

Loving it more and more for each time im out riding.
I also have one up for sale right now. The only difference is the one I have has a 40 rc2 saint brakes and a Mavic tubeless wheelset. Asking $2000 so $1500 for that one seems like a good deal.
I just asked they are Rcv's
Are they shitty enough that I should let it go and not buy it?
That depends on how much an RC2/3 cart costs...

Factor that in, so add 2-300. It's functional without, just with garbage SSV type damping, hardly worthy of such a good platform, and unable to cope properly with the forces needed to get that type of travel out of it. I'd try to split the difference and see if you could knock 100 off it. Rear shock is fine and the minimum "good" standard and can be tuned.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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