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I just purchased the SC propack + bearing remover tool. All bearings have been pressed out and now I'm in the process of installing the new bearings from the propack.

On the upper link I found the bearing is not fitting tightly in the aluminum bore of the frame. There is obvious lateral movement in the bearing once I've pressed in. (slight rocking motion when connected to the TI link)

I need to make up for this extra space around the bearing and the bore. I don't think loctite is going to be able to fill this gap. I've also tried laying strips of aluminum foil around the bore and then pressing the bearing, but the foil does not have the strength to deal with the press. I'm thinking about trying small strips of frayed bike cable and pressing them in with the bearing to fill the gap.

If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this before. Let me know (I'm hoping the frame isn't trashed). :madman:
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