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08 RIP9 + adjustable seatpost = ???

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I posted before that the RIP9 had me yearning for an adjustable seatpost. Not quite sure why except that it makes me want to tackle more technical stuff requiring a low seatpost, but the trails here are full of sudden steep climbs which require a high one.

Well, I just got my Crank Brothers Joplin R from ModernBike. Boxed like an Apple product and beautifully manufactured. Trivial installation.

But how does it ride?

It was a pretty interesting experience to say the least. I took it out on the most technical trail round here that I know (3-Stage -- the tech loop both ways and the lookout trail). Was hampered by the fact that I forgot my XC helmet and had to wear the full-face, then went down HARD 10 mins into the ride, saw the ground rushing up towards my face -- WHOOMP -- and was totally saved by the full-face -- so go figure. ANYWAYS...

First off, the Joplin really is a nice piece of kit. I haven't quite settled on a position for the remote, but the kit works superbly. Uber smooth, easy to control the height, feels rock solid under your @ss. To my surprise 3 inches is more than enough on the RIP... really hard to imagine using more.

As far as riding goes...

The good: it's WONDERFUL to be able to ride at the correct saddle height rather than an in-between compromise height. I generally like to ride with a really high saddle, but then I get my ass kicked (literally) on tech chunk and log rolls. It was a revelation to be able to drop the saddle for this stuff and then raise it for a big climb out.

The difference is that you tackle things you would normally pass up because your saddle is too high. It was great to crest a rise after a climb, bang the saddle down and immediately launch off a hit and clear a bunch of slippery roots.

The bad: it's gonna take a while to get used to where the saddle needs to be for each section of trail. The stuff I ride is up down up down up down up down and that requires some pretty rapid saddle shifting to make the most of the Joplin, and it is easy to get out of sync with the trail and end up extended in a rock garden or compressed for a climb.

However it's not much different from knowing which big ring to be in, so I'm expecting this to get better.

Overall if it continues to work as advertised it will be hard to imagine riding a bike without it.
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I had a joplin on my Enduro that also fit my trance x and rip. Since I sold the Enduro I found no use for it especially on the RIP. But I run my Rip with a 90mm stem with 7degrees of rise and a riser bar leaving the seat lower than the bars. Most say it;s wrong but it is the only bike that I can ride up and down gnarly and technical stuff with out a flinch for an all day ride and I also don't miss the Joplin. My main issue wat that if you land your weight on the Joplin by accident its side clamps bend and leave you stranded. Call CB and get a spare pair to carry with you as this happened to three of us in our group.
Thanks, that's a good idea re the spares. I was going to get the little brass block that wears too.

I ride with risers too and a 100mm stem. The Joplin is most useful to me on drops and hits, many of which I wouldn't tackle without it.
I looooove my Gravity Dropper on my aught-eight RIP. Also agree that 3" is perfectly fine.

I really like my Gravity Dropper & use 1 on all my bikes,I don't know of any bike part that can make such a gain in your riding.

One note I don't have to use it as much on my 29er as I did on my 26 inch wheel bikes & find with the 29er you are much better to get a Multi hight seat post & find I ride faster in most flowing down hill parts with the seat down 1.5 inches & not the 3 or 4 Inch.

I would think that for most people the 4 inch drop would be to much for a 29er.
I have a Specialized Command post on my RIP.
It's similar to the Joplin, but better IMO.
3 positions, 4" drop, remote operated. And less wiggle than the Joplins I've tried.

4" is definitely not too much for a 29er, if the terrain is right.
Static, my handlebars are level with my saddle.
Is there ever a time when more inches is not best

:D Hi yes I should have been a bit more clear & said that if you were not going to get a Multi hight unit that people that have not been using 1 before would maybe better with a 3 inch & not a 4 inch because with multi hight you can set it were you like.:)

What I was trying to point out was that I find dropping the seat helps alot but find with the 29er I'm not having to drop the seat as far as I did with my 26 inch wheeled bikes,They just make me braver I guess.

I find on the tracks that I ride you can ride down a nasty drop then get about 40 feet were you can pedal like hell then theres another drop & find if I put the seat down 1.5 inches I just leave it at that setting for most of the down hill ruff.

It does sound like the tracks I ride here in New Zealand are all man made & flow very well & some of the tracks you guys are riding over there can be very nasty.

It will make you a better rider than me I guess.:D
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