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I am very interested in buying a new RIP 9 and am trying to convince myself that it is worth the difference over the Voodoo Canzo. I currently own a Dambala, and would sell the frame and switch over my components. How would my Fluid 110, 1X9 (X-9), BB7's, and C29 wheels work on the RIP. Is the 110 too short on the travel. I see a bunch of people running at least a 120 and most going 135. I live in Florida, it is very tight, technical, rocky, rooty, trails with short steep climbs and descents (with LOTS of rocks and roots). I really want the RIP, but the $700 difference is tough to rationalize. Also, is the new cable routing on the '08 a good thing over the top tube of '07? Are there any other significant changes making the '08 better than the '07? Thanks.

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Hi Coach,

Here are the changes from the new (2008) RIP9 have seen from the original. Note to everyone we don't use "model years" per say, rather we do "product enhancements" when we see opportunities.

Changes from the previous R.I.P. 9

1.Updated linkage plate, now with an added I-beam structure. This will aid in rear end stiffness with a minimal weight penalty.

2. Seat tube gusset has been removed. We have done more testing and modeling and found that removing the gusset and thickening the wall of the seat tube yielded a stronger structure overall without a weight penalty. The new 2008 R.I.P. 9’s will require a 30.9mm post verses the 31.6mm for the older models.

3. Updated cable routing. The cable routing is now down the top of the downtube. This design keeps the cables bending WITH the cycle of the suspension and is a little bit cleaner.

4. All bolts including the headbadge are now lock tightened direct from our factory.

5. Large and XL frames have updated rear triangles. These have been stiffened up even more. Please note we design each size frame with an average rider size in mind (it’s not just about rider weight, but also rider leverage.

I'm still on the original version and really like it. Some riders over 230 report some flex, but I'm 160# ride a large and it's solid feeling to me.

Personally and in my opinion....the RIP9 is right at home with a 120mm fork. The #'s are based off a 100mm but I feel the 120 front mates perfectly with the plush 4.5" CVA rear. The 120mm gives it more of a trail bike feel to it yet still plenty XCish climbing. Right now I have a 70-100mm Reba U-Turn on mine at 100mm set up for 4-5 hour rides and the bike rides like a XC bike. I've never personally ridden a 135 on the RIP9 so I can't give you honest feedback - but most RIP9s I am seeing dealers build are getting 120's or 135's.

Whichever version you choose it sounds like you have some great components to swap over. Give the 110 a go too - it will ride great. Down the road should you feel the bike need more travel up front, there will be some really great choices available. :)


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