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08' Mach 5 headset question???

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Firstly, i know this is a totally nOOb question so please keep the flaming to a minimum, as I am also very distressed that my bike arrived with a big ding in the downtube, and I now have to try to make a claim with UPS:sad:

I am trying to find out how to put the headset together, and if I am missing anything, because I can't figure this out.

One gold cup fits in the bottom of the headtube. the other will not fit in the top of the headtube, so I am thinking I would have to use the brushed aluminum spacer or the black one(dull one on the left with the step cut) on the top. I am lost on this one.

Any help would be appreciated ! Here's what I have

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Both cups are the same (the black pieces pressed in the frame) so the bearings should fit into either top or bottom. Is there any damage to the upper cup?
post some pics of the dent.. did you buy the frame used?
Hi Ken, there is slight damage to the outside edge of the upper cup, but on the VERY outside edge. By 'feel', the inside surface appears to be round and undamaged. Is there supposed to also be a top protection/aesthetic cap for the upper bearing? I believe I may be missing an item or two to the headset assembly??

scoutcat, I have pics on my work PC and will post tomorrow AM. The frame is used but only like 7 rides according to the seller. I saw pics of the bike before shipping and the ding was not there. We are working together to get a claim processed.

The damage definitely happened in transit, as there are also several transit induced scratches to the frame and some of the components.

Lesson to ALL, NEVER buy a bike from a private seller w/out having them have the bike 'professionally' packaged, and make sure you have pictures of the opened box for verification !!!!!
If those are all the parts you got then you are in fact missing the top piece (it's a raised section with a dust seal and the Ritchey logo on it). The silver aluminum piece is a compression ring that goes on top of the upper bearing. The bearing should fit into the cup pretty easily (by hand). If it won't fit then there's a problem for sure. You may be OK with just replacing the headset. I'm betting that upper cup is slightly deformed.
Looks like I'll have to get replacement cups, so I may as well just get a whole new headset.

Any recomendations Ken?

Here are a few pics of the ding. I apologize for the poor quality. it's about 5/8" in diameter

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Dang, that's an ugly dinger for sure. Doesn't look like it'll hurt the frame's integrity but of course it's in the most visible location. As for a new HS, you could just get another Ritchey or if you want some bling you might consider a King. Not sure of the exact part #'s for those but it's unlikely you'll find one on the shelf at your LBS.
Yeah, it's really noticeable.

Ken, would this item have the correct dimensions for the head tube ID/Depth?
thats the right one. cane creek makes one too. the chris king inset will work as well and it should be on store shelves next week - call chris king.
Cool, thanks scoutcat. I was just looking at the CK inset. Will give them a call.
Just FYI on the Chris King Inset:

Hey Keith,

The Inset should be available soon, within the next few weeks. You'll have to have your frame properly prepped (reamed and faced) with one of our installation tools, so finding a dealer with this is going to be key for you. Hope this helps you out!

Ken Simms
Customer Service
Chris King
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