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08 Diamondback Response Sport Tire??

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Hi, I am an owner of a 08 diamondback response sport and i wanted to upgrade my tires to a size 26x2.3 will they fit through the frame? or rub? thanks...
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Not a problem. Works fine, I would look at nevagals.
+1 on the nevegals. The stock tires suck IMO. They're sort of like WTB Velociraptor knock offs. Spend the extra green on good tires and it will be night and day.
Yup, and plus the stock tires are heavy. can save some weight there for sure!
Will the 2.3 fit on a stock response sport rim? My rim states that the stock size is over the limit already. Is this just their disclaimer or would I have problems?
It should be ok. The stock tires look like some 2.3's and I think it would be wise to go no larger. Even a 2.1 Nevega would suffice, IMO:thumbsup: .
I run 2.1s now. I would just like a little wider.
I think you'll find the Nevegal to be a great tire in 2.1, and if I remember right they run a little big. My 2.1 WTB Exiwolf tires run around 2.2 on my rims despite being labeled as 2.1. They use a different sizing chart that I think is more accurate.

They use a system called GMS (Global Measuring System) that measures a tire on a 20mm wide rim at 60 psi left for 24hrs. They measure the inside casing width and the outside tread width. So my Exiwolfs run in at 52/56. That's 52mm casing width and 56mm tread width. Take those numbers and convert to inches then average the two numbers to get the stated tire width:

52/25.4=2.05 (rounded to the nearest hundredth) 56/25.4=2.20 (again to the nearest hundredth) average the two: 4.25/2= 2.125 or rounded to 2.1.

Although for clearance issues always use the higher number. So for me 2.2 is the only number I needed. Hope that wasnt too confusing. Its actually a better system them just slapping on the nearest common inch measurement as it can eliminate any fit issues. I wish all manufacturers would use the GMS system as well.
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