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07 Zocchi Specs and Prices

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A2C length added in singletrack's article, here they are in case you don't wanna go there ;)

2007 Models

Axel to Crown
Corsa WC 80mm 464mm
Corsa WC 100mm 474mm
XC700 SL 464-504mm
XC600 474mm
XC500 474mm
Z1 RC2 538mm
Drop Off 3 538mm
AM SL 1 511-551mm
AM 2 531mm
AM 3 531mm
4X WC ?
DJ 1 483mm
DJ 2 483mm
DJ 3 483mm
Dirt Jam Pro 483mm
66 SL 1 ATA 525-565mm
66 RC2X 565mm
66 RC2 ETA 565mm
888 WC 584mm
888 SL ATA 554-584mm
888 RC2X VA 584mm
888 RV 584mm
Super T RCV 574mm
MX Pro ETA 508mm
MX Pro ETA 488mm
MX Pro 488mm
MX Pro 468mm
MX Comp 1" 468mm
MX Pro I.S. 488mm

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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