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07 Xcl

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Hi All,

I thought of getting a second hand 07 XCL. What should I know about it? What has changed in the following years? I used to think that 07 XCL has 4.5 inches of travel compared to later 08/09 but the seller says it's 5 inches. I am planning on running it with Manitou Nixons at 145 mm so a little worried about travel balance - 145 mm front vs 115 mm rear (if it's 4.5 inch) seems not perfect on paper.

The frame is US Built and has a stock DHX Air shock. I'm 6.0 and think that current 08/09 geo with 23.5 ETT should be spot on for me. Is the geometry in 07 the same?

Testing the bike is out of question, unfortunately.
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Geometry in `07 was the same.. travel is 5 inches. I'm 6 feet tall and the medium xcl fits perfectly.. Chumba's medium is equivalent to a large in other brands, Specialized for example.

Dump the DHX air if you're a heavier guy.. even the newer DHX5 air shocks suffer from little to no mid-stroke support, just the way that shock is.
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