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Saw both Totem and Lyrik forks last week-end at Sainte-Anne World Cup.

These protos looked wicked.

Saw the Totem in action. Cove's Tyler Morland rode it in the World Cup DH finals. Very impressive riding on a very steep corner drop followed by a thight 90 degree turn, in one of the technical singletrack sections. Looked as comfortable as all of the other riders who rode triple crowns...

Had a good long look at both the Totem and Lyrik in the SRAM pit and I was very impressed. Totally beefy and flawless detailing.

The Lyrik feels smooth as butter and is quite stiff. Dials and two-step system are very intuitive. This is most probably my next fork. I think it will cover anything from light DH, to slopestyle and hardcore trailriding. Rock Shox is back in the game.

Loved the Totem's looks. The Lyrik looks fine, but I think graphics could be improved. They look a bit cheap and are not up to par with this forks' quality in my opinion. I'm not sure about the name either... But eh, it's just a name.

Some engineers are definitely doing their homework at R.S.

I hope that production models will feel as good.

My money is on them for 2007.
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