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07 SWorks Stumpy Build and Weighed

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Well I finally got a scale today and weighed my recently built 07 SWorks Stumpjumper

It weighed in at 28.7 ilbs, its an XL


07 XL Sworks stumpjumper 120mm rear travel
Carbon Fiber front triangle / aluminum rear triangle
120mm "Brain" shock
07 Talas 32 Fork (100/120/140)
Spinergy wheels
WTB Mutanoraptor 2.4 tires (580 grams)
Hayes Stroker Trail 7" front and rear hydraulic brakes
older XTR Hollowtech cranks
Cheapie Performance branded forte carve pedals (actually 298 grams for the pair)
Thomson 100mm stem
Easton CF monkey lite bars
2008 XT shifters
2008 XT Front + Rear deraileurs
XT rear cassette
Salsa Ti Skewers
Specialized Phenom SL seat w Ti rails
Heavy ass Joplin seat dropper w/remote

I know I could lose almost a pound going with a CF seat post rather than the 540 gram Jopln but I just have so much fun using the dropper I wouldn't consider swapping it.

As well I think the rear triangle being aluminum kinda throws off the lightweight aspect of the front frame being CF. I know that when I picked up the frame you could immediately feel the weight in the rear of the frame compared to the front. Frame alone was 6.6 ilbs (with shock/brain)

I'd like to get it even lighter but honestly I think it would cost me too much money for little gain although I'm still suprised its not a bit lighter with the parts I have on it.

Riding impression is that with the horst lnk/brain shock you can't have cake and eat it too. Dial in the brain to make it efficient wth miinimal pedal bob and its too rough on technical riding. Dial out the brain and its plush but doesn't feel nearly efficient and will bob when pedallng. I've found a comfy balance between the two but I still feel like there is a better setup out there. Its still a great ride and I enjoy it but I know that there are designs out there like the DW link etc that would probably be better overall,right now thiis is my braiin setup;

180 ilb rider

7 clicks from full fast on rebound
4-7 clicks out from full stiff on the brain(compression/blue knob) depending on terrain, obviously more turns for more technical
I'm running about %25 sag

I like the low BB clearance combined with the low top tube. It really makes you feel lke your center of gravity is really low through the turns and it holds a line nicely. It pedals uphill well and descends well also. I wouldn't sit here and act like OMG I'm such a better rider now but I think people tend to blow things out of the water anyway. I'm a big tinkerer and tuner so getting the bike all dialed in was okay for me but I could see a lot of other people missiing the correct setup with the brain and the air pressure etc etc.

Recently I started dialing out the rebound making it a bit faster and its made the bike much more lively. It makes jumps and drops easier and as well allows me to control the rear skipping it over or just placing it where I want siimlar to a hardtail. I stll have more ridiing to do on it but I'm liking it so far!

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looks good, and light, too. i would take a second look @ those ti skewers, as it's not rec.d for full susers...
Stumpy_Steve said:
looks good, and light, too. i would take a second look @ those ti skewers, as it's not rec.d for full susers...
Well they might be stainless then, either way I've been using them for quite some time with no probs. Thanks tho didn't know that I'll check them out next time I have a wheel off
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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