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`07 Superlight to 1x9

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It is almost time to change out my crankset and so I am thinking about going ahead and converting the bike to a 1x9. I like the simplicity of a 1x9, don't use much more than my middle front ring as it is, absolutely hate front derailleurs, and just want to try something different and see what I think. What components do you recommend?

I am currently looking at the Truvativ Stylo 1.1 (34t) and an N-Gear Jump Stop.

My current setup is SRAM X.9 shifters, SRAM X.9 long rear derailleur, Shimano Deore XT front derailleur, Truvative FireX crankest, and a SRAM PC951 chain.

Thanks for any advice.
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The 1.1 does not have any mounts for a granny ring if you decide 1x9 won't work for you

Buy the N-Gear and a cheap bashguard to try it out with your existing crankset first. If you do decide to commit to a 1x9 I would recommend an X.9 short cage as a very nice addition. Even my X.9 medium cage made a noticeable improvement in chain slap and chain retention
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