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I'm trying to decide on a new 4-5' trailbike. My top two choices are the 07 Stumpjumer FSR Expert and the 07 Moto-Lite complete.

I like the Stumpjumper because of the brain shock, build specs, and warranty. I like the Moto-Lite because of its reputation and price.

Things I don't like about the Stumpjumper include the price and proprietary shock. Things I don't like about Moto-Lite only include the build specs as compared to the Expert.

I test rode a Stumpjumper in a parking lot and can't find a place nearby to test a Moto-Lite.

Peddeling efficiency is very important to me (this is why I like the Brain). I'm coming off a hardtail singlespeed and like to climb. I want a bike that's relatively light, climbs very well, handles well, and rips on the downhills.

I like to stand and grind out climbs rather than sit and spin. I'm curious as to how the Moto-Lite will work for this or if I need to adjust to riding a fully suspended geared bike the way it was intended to be ridden.

Budget: $2000-$3000
Type of riding: XC, AM, and interested in XC racing
Profile: 27yo, 5'9", 155-160 lbs

I welcome other suggestions and am open to purchasing on-line or the LBS.

I keep going back and forth between these two bikes. Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.

Semper Fidelis,

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CC Demo Program

DHZ is right. We have a cool demo program here at Competitive Cyclist. The $200 demo fee includes shipping both ways, you ride the bike on your favorite trail, then send it back to us when you're done. We'll credit you back $100 if you buy a frame or bike within 60 days.

As for the Motolite, it comes with a Fox RP23 propedal rear shock. We've found the propedal valving to be very effective towards keeping the rearend firm when pedaling, either standing or seated. The Motolite also has two positions for the rear shock on the swing link to give 4 or 5 inches of travel. If you pair this frame with a Fox Talas or Rock Shox U-turn, then you can dial the suspension to just about any terrain you like.

Any questions on the demo program...send me an e-mail: [email protected]

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