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Beautiful looking brakes...:thumbsup:

I heard a rumour that you had busted a leg....didn't know whether it was true or not.. sorry to see that it is.

Can I run those brakes in for you on your Jones? :D


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OH that sucks!

Aquaholic said:
Test ride results are inconclusive at the time.
Please tell me that you were doing something really cool when that injury happened! Tripping over your cat would be a really crummy way for a guy like you to break a leg.

Heal up fast!

Thanks for the pics...again.

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Tbone said:
Are those Hope or Dangerboy levers? Definitely hot. Curious if they weigh any less with all the extra machining.
Those are Dangerboys. The new Hope levers feel sweet, however...I couldn't reach them with the H Bar. Not sure of the weight difference between what I pulled off..I suspect with the extra material removed from the rotor and the machine work, that it's probably a wash. That IS to post mount has two extra bolts and a bit more material compared to the old IS mount.

They should have left the IS mount alone, IMO.

2Deans: Those are One year old Salsa Delgado with DT 14/15/14 Spokes. Aluminum Nips.

That looks awsome! Interesting that you went with a big "Freeride" anchor for that bike. I have a set of V2's that I'll be throwing on the Turner later, today.


1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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