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07 Element 50 frame

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So my chainstay cracked at the weld on my Element. This happened on a flat section of the Backbone trail near Malibu, CA on Saturday. I'm waiting to find out if this is going to be covered by the warranty or not. Does anybody know off hand if this is a warranty replacement?

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As long as you're the original owner should be no problem, the warranty is 5 years on the alloy FS frames
I purchased the bike new but it was from an ebay store and not an actual rocky dealer. When I first bought the bike I wondered how that would effect a warranty issue, I guess I will find out shortly.
I think you'll be fine.

Last year, my 07 Element chainstay (bought at an LBS) was cracking at the big forging at the front. A friend of mine, riding an identical frame checked and noted the same. A lot of stays broke on the '07's

Within a 3 weeks, we both got new stays (like the '08's, both front and rear ends reinforced), especially painted for us in '07 Tribal Colors :thumbsup:
That element tried to make itself into a horst link bike.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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